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Panettone Pistacchio Matcha is made with fresh, quality basic ingredients: eggs from free-range chickens, milk, butter and mountain cream. The other ingredients are selected on the basis of local excellence, such as Cervia sea salt and world wide onces Madagascar Mananara vanilla (Slow Food Presidium). The pistachio cream that richly fills the panettone, engage the palate with its persistent flavor and light resinous notes. The cream is produced at Loison using only the Bronte Pistachio Dop, Slow Food Presidium, recognizable by its intense flavor and emerald green color. The Matcha green tea powder that covers the panettone is thin, almost impalpable, with a bright green color and a complex flavor, very enveloping and veering towards herbaceous.

The artisan Panettone with Bronte Pistachio DOP cream and Matcha green tea is the new combination for Christmas 2021, the result of the meeting of the traditional Italian dessert with the millenary Japanese tea ritual. The Panettone Pistachio Matcha immediately captivates the eye with its bright colors and intrigues the sense of smell. It does not reveal itself at the first bite, hence taste after taste, through its heart of creamy pistachio di Bronte DOP, the soft and juicy raisins and the delicious white chocolate coating, enriched with precious Matcha Green tea powder and decorated with green pistachios Bronte DOP in grains and whole.

Weight: 750g

Watch: https://youtu.be/xLOhN5JBnHw

Loison Panetonne in Tin - Pistachio R 740.00

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