Get up to 70% off the price on dry pantry goods that are short-dated (close to BB Date) or Newly Expired (within 2-3 months of expiry).  Use these products as soon as you can to get the most out of their flavour and goodness.

Is this legal?
In South Africa, it’s only illegal to sell (or donate) perishable foods – mostly food that is refrigerated‚ including meat and dairy – beyond its use-by dates because that does carry a health risk. But shelf-stable food products, such as these found under this tab, marked with (BB) Best Before dates do not become rotten‚ spoilt or toxic after their best-before dates. The manufacturers simply haven't tested their products beyond these time frames. 

In most cases, food is safe to consume for many, many more months after a BB date. Colours, textures and flavours may diminish slightly with time but dry and tinned/bottled products remain safe to eat. The prices are heavily discounted and we provide full disclosure of BB dates that these products are only 'technically' past their prime. 

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