CBD is a product that’s derived from cannabis. It contains a type of cannabinoid, which are the chemicals naturally found in marijuana plants. Even though it comes from marijuana plants, CBD doesn’t create a “high” effect or any form of intoxication — that’s caused by another cannabinoid, known as THC.

CBD helps you to manage anxiety - researchers say that it changes the way your brain’s receptors respond to seratonin, a chemical linked to mental health.  CBD has been touted as a treatment for epilepsy although research is still in its early days. The effects of CBD oil on your brain’s receptors may also help you manage pain. Studies have shown that cannabis can offer some benefits when taken after chemotherapy treatments. Other pre-clinical studies are also looking at the role of cannabis in relieving symptoms of inflammation, arthritis, chronic pain, MS pain, muscle pain and spinal cord injuries. Some studies have investigated the role of CBD in preventing cancer cell growth, but research is still in its early stages.

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