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Discover pure hospitality and abundance - key tenets of Arabian dining!

The Arabic cuisine contains a combination of a rich diversity of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Indian food.Sharing a meal with others is an old honoured tradition in the Arabic World and an expression of hospitality. It has been affected by the mingling of Arab and non-Arabs over the centuries. European cultures such as the Spanish, Italian, French and Greek also had impact on the Arab cooking. Turkish cuisine had impact on the entire Arab world, Persian and Indian cuisine had impact on the eastern side of the Arabic countries.

The event is limited to only 30 people and will be held at The Great Cape deli in Seaside Village, Otto Du Plessis Drive, Big Bay, Cape Town on the 14th April 2021 (Wednesday) from 18h15 to 21h30.

We also offer late night VIP shopping where every guest will get a mystery discount on checkout which could be anything from 5% to 25%!

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Arabian Nights Culinary Club Event: 19 January 2022 18h30-21h30 R 460.00

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