R 89.00

Imported from Italy

Biffi Maionese Gusto Classico (Classic Mayonnaise with Olive Oil)
The ultimate Mayonnaise: superior quality and unique and balanced taste, perfect and smooth texture, in a delicate cream that combines the respect for tradition and the most varied needs of modern cuisine in a refined harmony. A velvety mayonnaise, the highest expression of the refined taste of Biffi’s Line.
The good Italian one.

Biffi Maionese senza uova (Vegan Vegetable Mayonnaise)
Less fat and suitable for vegans. Introduced at Cibus 2016, the Biffi’s Eggless Mayonnaise is made with 100% Veggie ingredients. A delicate product suitable for egg intolerance: in this sauce the eggs have been replaced by 100% Vegetable proteins. The 100% Veggie recipe contains 30% less fat compared to the classic version. Gluten free, Eggs free.

Biffi Italian Mayonnaise (Vegan option also available) R 89.00

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