R 48.00

Black sesame seeds may be small but there can be no doubt that they pack a powerful nutrient-rich punch. You can incorporate them in your cereals, rice, noodles or any other dishes at mealtime. You could even mix them with your yogurt or smoothie for a rich nutty flavor.

Black sesame seeds are extensively used on both Japanese and Korean cooking.  Whole seeds are used in servings of mixed greens and baked snacks, and tan and black sesame seed varieties are toasted and used to make gomashio, a dry condiment. You will also find sesame seeds sprinkled over sushi rolls.In Korea, black sesame seeds are also used to marinate meat and vegetables. Chefs in tempura restaurants mix black sesame seeds with cottonseed oil for deep-frying. 

Available in 250g and 500g quantities.

Black Sesame Seeds R 48.00

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