R 598.00


A fragrant Award winning Italian Brut Prosecco made from Glera grapes in the DOC region (Denomination of Controlled Origin) in the Province of Treviso, Veneto (Italy).

The elegance, freshness and liveliness of its bubbles stem from the beauty and tradition of its territory, where unmistakable panoramas are shaped by vineyards in a climate perfect for this native grape varietal.  It produces a brilliant, pale straw-yellow colour with a rich foam and fine effervescence that is excellent as an aperitif and for use in cocktails.

Tasting notes include soft, harmonious and elegant flavours, a slim yet lively body with balanced acidity when served at the recommended temperature of 4°C

SERVING SUGGESTION : Perfect as an aperitif, excellent in cocktails. Enjoy with starters, first courses, fish/seafood or poultry, non-aromatic herb pasta and risottos


ABV %: 11%  |  Sugar, g/l: 10-14  |  Total Acidity, g/l: 5.00-6.50

Bottega Gold Prosecco D.O.C R 598.00

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