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Imported from Portugal

Traditional Portuguese rice. Cacarola is the preferred brand variety of the Portuguese people, use to cook an enormous diversity of dishes of traditional cuisine. 

Agulha Green
It is the adequate type of rice that always turns out well. It is the typical white rice recommended just as a simple side dish for almost any kind of food. The 'Agulha' rice is a long-grain rice composed by loose, dry grains and very easy to cook.

Carolina Red
Ideal for wet cooked rice dishes. This is the most commonly cooked rice in Portugal.
During the cooking, it totally absorbs the water and seasoning and is absolutely tasty and delicious. After cooked, the rice will be sort of creamy. 

Carolina Yellow (parboiled)
The Parboiled Rice Carolino is tasty, highly nutritious and guarantees the best results by always remaining loose. The secret is steaming that preserves the natural vitamins and minerals found in the shell of each grain, which would be otherwise lost as in white rice; hence its characteristic amber color. It is absolutely natural and requires no special care when preparing it.

Cacarola Portuguese Rice (3 Varieties) R 72.00

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