R 86.00
  • Quality & flavour first |We use 70% dark chocolate, single-origin African coffee and locally sourced oranges to produce this exquisite chocolate spread with an African twist  
  • We use unrefined brown sugar – & the absolute minimum for the perfect balance between bitter & sweet – the result is a Chocolate spread packed with intense natural flavour
  • Small-batch cooked | Contains no additives or artificial preservatives | Contains no high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) |Dairy-free
  • Perfect for lavish breakfast and brunch feasts
  • Spread onto buttery croissants| Dollop onto pancakes |Or simply have this decadent delight straight out the jar with a spoon!
  • Pairs beautifully with steak
  • A beautifully packaged artisanal product that makes for a truly special gift
Chaloner African Infused Chocolate Spread R 86.00

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