R 120.00
  • FARM TO BOTTLE TO TABLE – Our Olives are grown in granite soils aided by biodynamic cultivation, cold-extracted within 24 hours of being handpicked; and bottled on the estate. Our single cultivar extra virgin olive oil is classic Nocellara with rich floral notes.
  • GIVE AS A GIFT – This premium olive oil in green glass bottles (to protect against UV rays) with elegant label and finish, is the perfect gift idea for anyone – you don’t need to be a great cook; simply drizzle this olive oil over any dish to elevate and enhance the flavors.
  • BEST SERVED – with simple, light foods that highlight the oil’s natural flavor: artisanal breads, fish, salads & fresh cheeses.
  • COMPLEMENTS ANY OCCASION – Planning a picnic, hosting a function or entertaining guests? Go for simplicity that wows. Lay out cheese platters and charcuterie boards, breads, preserves & balsamic vinegar. Add a bottle of our Nocellara olive oil & you’re guaranteed a crowd-pleaser.
  • TASTING NOTES: fruity, followed by a beautiful balance of bitter and medium pepper intensity
Chaloner Nocellara Extra Virgin Oil 250ml R 120.00

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