R 36.00

Inspired by the classic chocolate-coated snack, Cheaky Co set out to create something familiar yet completely new, with the addition of chickpeas. Seeking a nutty texture, they developed a process to dry roast the mighty chickpea in such a way that it produces a satisfying crunch. Combine that with premium dark chocolate, and you’ve got a recipe that will keep you coming back.


  • Clever chickpea treats made from the best plant-based ingredients
  • Dry-roasted chickpeas coated in the finest single-origin dark chocolate
  • Using only chickpeas, and sustainably-sourced direct trade cocoa beans from Africa
  • This moreish chickpea snack is suitable for strict-vegans and strict-vegetarians
  • Halaal approved
Cheaky Co Orb Chocolate Ball Variety R 36.00

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