R 45.00
  • The Colavita pasta company was founded in 1912 in the small hilltop town of sant’elia a pianisi, in molise, Italy a region where the rolling hills are still today covered by golden fields of wheat
  • Excellent and versatile pasta, goes well with red or white sauces also perfect for pasta salads
  • The people of molise hold an unwavering respect for the craft of pasta making
  • It’s in this spirit that the Colavita family continues to draw upon the resources of their homeland to produce superb pasta using only 100% durum wheat semolina and fresh mountain spring water
  • With no salts or artificial ingredients added. Enriched with protein and fibre makes it a healthy choice
  • Rich flavour and maintains its authentic shape. Perfect colour, smell and texture. Pasta is a fundamental component of the Mediterranean diet
  • Cook with 100% Italian authentic Colavita olive oil for a perfect Italian meal
Colavita Farfalle 500g R 45.00

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