R 60.00

2L, 750ml or 250ml of cold-pressed and Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from the Wereldsgeluk estate near Porterville in the Western Cape.  The cultivar is the Nocellara del Belice originates in Sicily and is used for natural green processing and for high quality oil extraction. Cultivation, harvest timing and milling are directed at producing the finest quality EVOO with a focus on complex, harmonious flavours and maximising biophenols for their extraordinary health benefits. Farming practices are ethical, sustainable and natural. A modern two-phase mill is used for cold-extraction and no artificial additives are used. 

This olive oil is gold medal winner in 2020:

SAO (Medium) Intenso

NY IOOC (Medium) intenso


Available in bottles of 2 liters, 750ml and 250ml.

ODD LOT #32 Cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Nocellara) R 60.00

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