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Heaven in a Jar!

Use this delicious Nougat Cream as is, straight out of the jar, on toast or heat in the microwave on defrost for a minute to make the nougat easier to spread.  Melt spoonfuls into hot cream to make a creamy, dreamy vanilla nougat sauce for pouring over ice cream, waffles or pancakes. Stri into your coffee or hot chocolate. Add a scoop or two to your icing mixture to make a delicious nougat cupcake or cake icing. Use as a divine filling inside pastries - and why not add nuts and chocolate if you'd like to make it a more luxurious!


Ingredients: Egg white, sugar, honey, glucose, and vanilla.  Cappucino jars have real coffee extract added and Chocolate jars have rich Belgium chocolate added.

Halaal certified. No need to refrigerate.

See our recipe section for the following delicious things you can do with our Crème De Nougat!

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Crème De Nougat R 70.00

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