R 1,120.00

CURA CBD OIL is delivered in a 10,000mg bottle which contains 1000mg of pure CBD oil. It is offered in either organic Hemp Oil, or delicious vanilla-flavoured MCT Oil as carriers.  The THC content of CURA OIL is less than 0.1% making it completely non-psychoactive and suitable for children, pets and the elderly. CURA Oil is manufactured according to the strictest standards to deliver a high quality  CBD oil.

Tested potency at NAFS (National Analytical Forensic Services) and the CoA (Certificate of Analysis) is available on request.

[READ MORE ON YOUR ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM: https://medium.com/randy-s-club/7-things-you-probably-didnt-know-about-the-endocannabinoid-system-35e264c802bc]

CURA CBD OIL 10000mg bottle with 1000mg pure CBD content R 1,120.00

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