R 47.00

Dilmah Natural Infusions

These Infusions have a beautiful combination of the elegance of spices, herbs and their amazing functional ability. If you consider turmeric, as an example, in its combination with ginger with a little hint of chocolate and almond, it creates a healthy and spellbinding beverage, whether you take it hot or iced. It’s also amazing in terms of its chemo-protective properties - the natural goodness that both the turmeric and the gingerroot in particular offer. The entire range is elegant in terms of its clarity and brightness and is beautifully rich, both in its taste and fragrance.

At The Great Cape, we carry 4 of the 14 varieties. Should you wish a variety that we done have on our website, please do let us know. Please visit https://www.dilmahtea.com/tea-brands/

Dilmah Infused Teas R 47.00

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