R 120.00

The chilli is hot-smoked over rare English Oak chips, and allowed to cool, and then smoked for a second time... lending the unique, and sweet smoky overtones that have made our sauce so popular.

A piquant hot sauce with lemon and full-bodied oak smoke, with touch of mango masala. It is made with a blend of 25% Bird's Eye chili and 75% Cayenne.

  • Genuine 120 year old recipe
  • Each bottle is handcrafted over 90-120 days
  • 100% naturally organic ingredients
  • Ingredients ethically and locally sourced
  • Fully tested for allergens
  • No concentrates or artificial colours

125ml in Gift Tin
250ml in Glass Bottle

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Dr. Trouble Double Oak Smoked Chili Sauce R 120.00

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