R 650.00
Put a little flame in our game, some lava in your flava take Enconaship of your cooking with our scorchin' scotch bonnet pepper sauce
Explore a taste of the Americas with Encona Louisiana Cajun Hot Sauce. Made to a traditional Cajun recipe, using a unique blend of Cayenne Peppers and spices for a smooth, tangy taste. This classic hot sauce is great for adding a delicious, fiery kick to all your everyday, favourite foods.

The perfect condiment for meat, chicken, fish and vegetables. Delicious with seafood, splashed into soups and pasta sauces, with pizza, eggs and even added to cocktails. Great as a fiery table sauce for all your favourite foods.


Scotch Bonnet Sauce 220ml

Louisiana Cajun Hot Sauce 142ml

Encona Hot Sauce Variety R 650.00

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