R 72.00

Fabrica Churrasco (Grill Sauce) is a favourite with the family, tangy, fruity with a subtle spiciness. 

  • Churrasco BBQ sauce
  • This grill sauce is a family favourite
  • Tangy, fruity with a subtle spiciness
  • Use it as a marinade on beef and chicken dishes destined for the barbecue, or as a condiment to add a tangy complexity to your favourite barbecued meats and hot chips
  • Packaged in a convenient squeeze bottle

 Inspired by their love of all things Portuguese, the Fabrica Do Prego range of sauces is made for celebrating Boa Comida e Boa Companhia (good food and good company).

Fabrica Churrasco Barbecue Sauce 375ml R 72.00

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