R 45.00

POLLI Olive Denocciolate Verdi

Imported From Italy

Did you know that olives are not a fruit, but rather a ‘drupe’, or a kind of berry produced by a tree.  Green olives have always been part of the Mediterranean lifestyle, featuring prominently in the Italian diet.  Considered a food of the future because they are rich in minerals and have energetic and tonic properties. They stimulate the appetite and aid in digestion, which is why you'll always be served a small bowl in Italy & Spain before a meal. Rich in phenols, they help prevent certain cardiovascular diseases and have a strong antioxidant power, therefore they are a remedy for body and skin stress.

Perfect to cook in fish stews, such as cod or hake fillet, or meat casseroles with fine vegetables. Also great as an aperitif at home and to include in deliciously flavoursome summer salads.

Polli Green Pitted Olives (300g) R 45.00

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