R 41.00

Our Mendiant Finger Collection consists of five Mendiant Fingers. Each with their own perfectly created flavour combinations.

A mendiant is a traditional French confection. Firstly, our mendiants are created from the finest Belgian Chocolate, and then mixed with a selection of toppings, that will blow your mind. Enjoy these fingers as an on the go snack, an after lunch treat, or satisfy those midnight cravings. They are Available in Dark, Milk, White, Gold and Ruby.

Dark | cranberry, sunflower trail mix
Milk | cranberries, pink choco crispie balls, sunflower seeds
White | tri-color choco crispie balls, walnuts, papaya fruit cubes
Gold | almonds, gold choco crispie balls, pineapple cubes
Ruby | dehydrated raspberries or strawberries, pistachios

Hippolytas Mendiant White Chocolate Finger 40g - Walnuts & Papaya R 41.00

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