R 55.00
A caramel-like syrup sandwiched between 2 wafer-thin waffles that are scented lightly with cinnamon... is your mouth watering yet? Then it’s time to try a stroopwafel. The sweet Dutch snack is made by cooking waffle dough in a hot iron (with much smaller squares than a traditional waffle iron). The waffle is sliced straight through the middle, before a thin layer of syrup made from brown sugar, butter and cinnamon is spread on 1 side. Then, the 2 sides are stuck back together, where they’re left to cool and crisp up. Eaten fresh from the iron, straight from a packet, or hot or cold – it doesn’t matter. Any which way, stroopwafels are a firm favorite among the Dutch – and anyone else who bites into this crispy, sugary, cinnamon-scented cookie.
Hollandia Stroopwafels (5 Pack) R 55.00

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