R 2,800.00

The Ken Fuyuki Arashi Handmade 27+27 Layered Damascus Kiritsuke is hand-forged by traditional artisans in centuries-old family workshops using traditional smithing techniques. Designed in Japan and the brainchild of Ken Fuyuki, this knife has been years in the making just like the Ken Fuyuki Serbian Chef's Knife and is the result of infinite trials and errors. It couldn't have been more perfect. Each knife is completely handmade and hand-sharpened. The steel used is 27+27 layered Damascus steel with a solid VG10 core rated at HRC 60 on the Rockwell Scale and has an amazing edge retention capability. The octagonal handle is made from Russian maple sap solidified (stable) wood. Each handle is unique in looks.

The Arashi is well loved by Ken Fuyuki's patrons due to the amazing edge retention capability of the steel, the good grip of the handle, the overall balance and weight of the knife, and the super sharpness of the 8 degrees oblique V-shaped blade. Further, the 27+27 layered Damascus steel gives the blade a beautiful look.

It ships with a beautiful saya (sheath) in a black gift box.


Ken Fuyuki Arashi Handmade 27 Layered Damascus Kiritsuke - with Saya R 2,800.00

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