R 439.00


A brilliant, crystalline pink rose quartz gin with a clean nose with hints of roses and juniper. Underneath lies a powerful and complex expression of rich spices. Coffee and Java pepper provides an unfamiliar, yet highly appealing dynamic to this unique aromatic expression. The rose flavour is perceived stronger but is quickly matched with juniper and spice in a well-integrated, smooth alcohol body. The flavour lingers and carries well, leaving a clean and fresh after taste. Very more-ish.

How to serve: 
Add lots of ice in a large copa shaped glass. Add 50ml Knorhoek Platinum Clear Gin topped with a good quality Indian Tonic. Rather keep it simple with this gin and use conventional garnishes such as mint and lemon. For show-stopper cocktails, use rose petals.


Knorhoek Pink Gin - Premium Small Batch R 439.00

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