R 115.00

Kuhne Salt & Dill Gherkins 720ml

Kuhne salt and dill pickles, are quite different from other Gherkins, acid does not by a vinegar brew, but by the natural lactic fermentation, their tastes. First, the Gherkins are placed in barrels of salt water, herbs and spices. The fructose contained in the Gherkins is transformed by the action of lactic acid bacteria in lactic acid, similar to sauerkraut. Then the Gherkins are filled with the original Lake in Glaeser.
Ingredients: Pickled Gherkins, Gaerlake, salt, dill, mustard seeds, natural herb-spice aromas.

Without preservative substances.

Kuhne Salt & Dill Gherkins 720ml R 115.00

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