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Maçarico Francesinha Molho

Francesinha Maçarico Sauce is a typical Portuguese product seasoned with spices and spirits which guarantees an intense and prolonged flavor and aroma.

Francesinha recipe suggestion:
Place a slice of bread on a plate and overlay the following ingredients in the order shown: sliced ​​cheese, ham, sausage or fresh sausage, grilled or fried paio, beef steak or grilled or fried pork, cheese and finally a slice of bread. Cover with sliced ​​cheese and pour a lot of francesinha sauce over the sandwich. Place in the oven to melt / brown the cheese. Serve very hot.

Another Suggestion:
It can be served with fried egg on top and served with French fries. If you want a more spicy Francesinha, add Piri-Piri Maçarico to the sauce.

Available in 500ml bottle only.


Macarico Francesinha Sauce R 42.00

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