R 65.00

Maçarico Pasta de Azeitona Verde (Green Olive Paste)

This authentic Portuguese green olive paste has been made from carefully selected green olives, which are pitted and ground to form a paste. The finest Mediterranean ingredients such as Portuguese extra virgin olive oil, special selection of countryside herbs and organic garlic are added to ensure a paste with a light and creamy texture with a fresh aroma of olives. 

Maçarico Pasta de Azeitona Galega (Black Galegian Olive Paste)

The Galega Olive Oil paste is made from a carefully selected, typically Portuguese variety of Galega olives, which are pitted and crushed to form a paste.  Macarico has then added the best Mediterranean ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, aromatic herbs and garlic. This combination guarantees a light and creamy texture together with a fresh aroma of olives.

Suitable for pasta dishes and sauces as well as salad dressings. Only available in a 100g glass bottle.

Macarico Olive Pastes (100g) R 65.00

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