R 65.00

Mighty Original m.lk is a smooth & creamy plant based, dairy free milk alternative. This m.lk is subtly sweetened with grape juice, so no artificial sweeteners or sugar - making it ideal for using on cereal, in porridge or smoothies, or using it in baking as you would milk.

Being 100% plant based it is vegan friendly and perfect for those that have allergies to other plant/nut milks or milk intolerances. This m.lk contains no dairy, gluten, nuts or soy.This m.lk’s main ingredient is yellow split peas which require considerably less resources (land and water) than cow’s milk or nut milks. Making it more sustainable and great for the environment. We are certified by MONDRA and Foundation Earth (who certify the eco-impact of food products) and this m.lk received an A rating.

Not only is this m.lk great for adults, its ideal as part of a healthy balanced diet for children. It can be given from 1 year as part of a balanced diet and as a main milk alternative from age 2.

This m.lk has 50% more calcium than cow’s milk and similar amounts of protein, plus our m.lk is also fortified with added iodine, vitamin D and B12. Don’t be fooled by other plant based milks with added nasties or a high sugar content!

Don’t just take our word for how amazing our m.lks are. Our m.lk’s have won awards – Best Vegan Milk in 2020 by PETA and Best nutrition innovation for 2019 by Forbes.

Mighty Pea Original M.LK 1L R 65.00

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