R 176.00

MojoMe ultra-pure MCT Oil is an energy-rich, Ultra Pure 60% C8:0, 40% C10:0 source of MCT’s with up to 8X higher concentration of Caprylic and Capric fatty acids found in Coconut Oil. MCT's are absorbed into the bloodstream and rapidly metabolised by the liver to provide an instant source of quick-burning, efficient energy.

Easy to add to any diet, it’s the perfect ingredient for ‘BulletProof’ coffees, smoothies, soups, food drizzles and mayonnaise. MCT Oil — “Medium Chain Triglycerides” are often consumed daily by athletes and ketogenic supercharged executives.

Clear, odourless, neutral-tasting. 500ml

MojoMe MCT Oil 500ml R 176.00

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