R 55.00

2L, 750ml or 250ml of cold-pressed and Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from the Serrado Olive Estate in the Eastern Free State. 

In the most unlikely area, the Eastern Free State at an elevation of 1570m come this superb quality Olive Oil. From a Grove of olive trees subjected to all of natures extremes, hot summers Windy Autumns, rainy springs and ice cold winters. As a result a distinctive Olive Oil is produced with a crisp peppery flavour packed with anti-oxidants.

This oil is a blend of various varieties of trees grown on the estate, pressed with the greatest care and love by the Freitas family.


Available in bottles of 2 liters, 750ml and 250ml.

ODD LOT #42 Cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil R 55.00

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