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Marella produces creative, organic, colourful pasta as an art form. Marella have produced an extraordinary, award-winning pasta that is as delicious as it is beautiful. Using traditional age-old artisan methods, the dough is extruded through special bronze dies and then allowed to dry for 2 to 3 days at low temperatures. This long drying process creates a porous pasta, which will significantly expand when cooked. These pastas get their colours from vegetables like beetroot, turmeric, red pepper, spinach and tomatoes.  They also maintain their shape and colour when cooked.

Marella located in Gioia del Colle a few miles from the coast near Bari in Puglia Italy. The company is entirely family run and produces their hand-made pasta made from durum wheat in the Apulian tradition. The result is a much different product that plumps up in the pot when boiled that has an intense aroma. It’s porosity or ability to take the sauce is way out of the norm. 

Antonio Marella states that you should experiment with his pasta. Follow the package instructions for cooking times but be aware that artisan pasta has cooking times which may vary depending on the intensity of the flame, the hardness of water etc. To achieve maximum results when the pasta is half cooked add it to the sauce and finish cooking in the sauce. This allows the dough to yield the precious starch it contains to the sauce. The starch is a tasty natural thickener. This is something an industrial pasta can not do. The color combinations of these rainbow bowties are different in every pack. They are delicious with butter and parmesan, or olive oil and pecorino.

 (Packaging may vary, branded Marella) 

Marella Rainbow Lasagna Pasta Plaids (250g) R 189.00

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