R 120.00

Marella creative, organic, colorful pasta is first and foremost an art form. Using traditional artisan methods with premium wheat blends together with bronze die extrusion and slow air drying methods, Marella have produced an extraordinary, award-winning pasta that is as delicious as it is beautiful.

The "zebra bowties" are stylishly striped using dehydrated squid ink and they don't lose any of the inky black color when cooked. The black and white contrast makes for a very dramatic presentation.

The black squid ink gives it a seafood flavor, so serve it with a seafood sauce. Pasta by Marella uses the highest quality, local grain varieties and is ICEA certified organic.


(Packaging may vary, branded either Marella or Italian Harvest) 

Pasta Marella Farfalline (Zebra Black & White Bowties) R 120.00

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