R 77.00

POLLI Pesto senzaglio (Garlic-Free)

Imported From Italy

This Pesto is the recipe the whole world envies Polli for! Simply divine!

The unique taste of basil which is prepared according to a simple, evergreen recipe with pine kernels and olive oil, and is garlic-free (add a bit of garlic if you prefer). Its creamy texture makes this pesto ideal to dress spaghettini, as well as trofie or gnocchi - a firm favourite according to the traditions of every Italian family. According to Ligurian tradition, pesto is added to pasta together with diced boiled potatoes and courgettes or string beans, to make pasta even more delicious and green, the fresh taste of veggies combined with the robust flavour of olive oil from the Ligurian hills. 

(In this recipe we have left garlic out, to make the pesto lighter and to allow the taste of the basil to take centre stage, but you are welcome to add your own)

Polli Basil Green Pesto - Garlic Free (190g) R 77.00

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