R 160.00

POLLI Carciofini Interi

Imported From Italy

Artichokes hearts are 100% Italian. Only the best is selected for their wholesome and unbridled flavour. Their freshness makes them crunchy and a unique luxury appetiser for pleasure-seeking foodies. Eating one means eating another, even without bread! The Polli oil-pickled artichoke hearts are an irresistible temptation.

You can also drain the oil and toss them in a pan for a side dish worthy of a king, accompanying an egg fried in extra virgin olive oil or even rare beef fillet. Beef has always been brought into its best by the accompaniment of artichokes! With a glass of fine red wine, here is a second course worthy of real Italian foodies.

Polli Gourmet Artichokes Hearts in Oil (285g) R 160.00

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