R 75.00

POLLI Melanzane Alla Napoletana

Imported From Italy

The finest aubergines, 100% Italian, sliced and preserved following the wonderful Neapolitan recipe, with red chilli peppers. Along with sweet peppers, aubergines are the most popular summer vegetable and we process them fresh, to be able to capture in the Polli preserve the whole flavour of summer sunshine to be enjoyed year round.

A recipe with few ingredients, just a bit of sugar to sweeten the sauce and a bit of vinegar to add that typical sweet and sour aroma that makes aubergines so popular. Absolutely moreish on fine wholemeal bread or a slice of white pizza, they will take centre stage in a homemade aperitif, under the banner of the best, entirely Italian recipes. As if made by your Neapolitan nana. Wash them down with a fine bitter beer, to offset the slight spiciness of our aubergines.

Polli Seasoned Aubergine in Oil (285g) R 75.00

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