R 107.00

POLLI Pomodori Alla Siciliana

Imported From Italy

Tomatoes are a wonderful vegetable. Its wonderful taste has always been appreciated and the tomatoes grown in the Mediterranean area are considered to be among the best. Polli tomatoes are dried in the sun and then are processed, only when they have absorbed all the flavour of the end-of-summer sunshine. They are then soaked in water to soften, dried and seasoned with garlic and oregano, extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt and sugar.

Prepare a quick aperitif with friends by adding a few mozzarella cherries and fresh basil leaves, washed down with a glass of sparkling white wine such as Franciacorta or fruity white wine such as Ribolla Gialla or Traminer. Pick our Sicilian style tomatoes and you will be one step closer to being considered an aperitif specialist by your friends.

Polli Sundried Tomatoes in Garlic, Oregano & Sunflower Oil(285g) R 107.00

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