R 95.00

POLLI Pesto Alla sicilliana

Imported From Italy

This Pesto is so versatile, all natural and above all, simply delicious. Use on bruschettas as a home-made aperitif, as well as for summer picnics, but its also a perfect sauce for midnight spaghetti after a movie! When friends turn up unexpectedly, with this authentic pesto alla siciliana, it takes under ten minutes to make a dish that will please everyone.

Spread on warm crusty bread, it releases its scent of tomato, aubergines, anchovies and olives: all the best flavours the Mediterranean has to offer.

Serve the bruschettas with a Sicilian wine such as a Syrah, served at a temperature of 16-18 degrees, they will be the ideal companions for an evening with friends, in the tranquillity of your home, to bring a bit of summer to every season.

Polli Tomato & Basil Red Pesto (190g) R 95.00

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