R 95.00

Made in Brazil.  600g

A fantastic natrual Guava paste/jam to accompany a strong cheese or use simply as a spread on toast. 

Refrigerate once opened but keeps for up to a year. Guava paste is rather like fruit leather - it's very dense and sweet. It's really beautiful stuff. Try arranging alternate slices of guava paste and slices of good cream cheese on a small plate and drizzle on some guava juice if you have it. 

One thing is guava paste used as a filling in little cookies or turnovers made from sweet cream cheese dough. Another idea is to put a thin slice of guava paste between thin slices of a spicy salami. It is out of this world. You could easily serve it as party food.

Predilecta Goiabada Guava Paste R 95.00

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