R 720.00
The incredible Savora tool and utensil line offers a range of beautifully crafted items for food prep and entertaining that are designed to assist the at-home gourmet. 
  • This Rotary Grater is designed for either right- or left-handed use, with an ergonomic handle suitable for large and small hands
  • The bi-directional drum is designed to create uniform cutting results, while the body is designed to prevent accumulation behind the drum
  • The durable cast metal spine won't flex under pressure and helps to apply even pressure on the food when grating
  • The one-touch blade-removal allows the drum to be switched easily from right-handed to left-handed
  • Packaged in an elegant gift box, this is an essential addition to your kitchen or home bar, and makes a great gift; dishwasher safe

See the Savora Rotary Grater in action here:


Savora Rotary Grater R 720.00

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