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“Heirloom” cauliflowers have the most profound food heritage, as they have been protected and passed down for generations and their pure genetic lines can trace back to the first cauliflower discovered in ancient Asia hundreds of years ago!

This stunning heirloom cauliflower has a vibrant, deep purple colour of the Purple of Sicily variety.  Many added health benefits from the antioxidants found in its purple pigment which turns bright green when cooked) and the luxuriously sweet, creamy taste of the snow white snowball and nutty rich flavour of the artistically, spiraling heads of the Romanesco cauliflower.

  • SLAB GROWS: 12 cauliflower
  • LIGHT : FULL SUN: 6-8 hours
  • SPROUTS IN: 10 – 15 days
  • HARVEST: 12 – 15 weeks
  • SEED TYPE: Non-GMO – Open pollinated – Heirloom
  • GROWS 3 VARIETIES:  Snowball, Purple of Sicily, Romanesco

    GROW WITH CAULIFLOWER: Beans, cucumber, lettuce, onions, potato, spinach

    This slab will grow you a whole garden of exotic heirloom varieties of cauliflower. 

    These descriptions give you a taste of the wonderful harvests you can look forward to:

    Snowball cauliflower is a superb heritage variety, first bred in America in the 1890’s.The pure white, snowball-sized heads with good leaf coverage can be harvested when small, 5cm or left to mature to 15cm.

    Romanesco is an Italian heirloom that has spiraling, apple-green heads with a delicious flavour that is somewhere between broccoli and cauliflower.

    Purple of Sicily is an Italian heirloom cauliflower with heads that weigh 1 – 1.5kg and are of a fine, sweet flavor and rich in minerals. The heads cook to bright green. Insect-resistant variety that is easier to grow than many white varieties.

    Watch a video to learn more about planting chocolate!

    Sow Delicious Heirloom Cauliflower Planting Chocolate R 95.00

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