R 107.00

The Old Stone Mill Tahini is vegan-friendly, dairy free, gluten free, exceptionally nutritious and full of flavour. 100% sesame seeds that are lightly roasted and then stone ground using our stone mill to produce a silky and rich flavour. This tahini is a pure product with no added oils and no preservatives or additives. The natural oils will separate from the tahini but this is normal we recommend mixing your tahini before use.

Our process is quite simple. We roast the sesame seeds at precise temperatures to keep their natural flavour. After roasting the sesame seeds, they are cooled and then ground using our stone mill to produce the sesame paste – also known as tahini which can then be eaten on its own, in a dip, baked into irresistible treats, added to smoothies, in hummus – the possibilities are endless! Tahini is extremely versatile and can be used in both savoury or sweet dishes.

Tahini has exceptional nutritional benefits and is an excellent source of protein and is rich in B vitamins that can help boost energy and brain function.

Contains: 100% lightly roasted sesame seeds with nothing else added! 

Allergens: Sesame Seeds 

Available in 400g glass Jar.

Tahini - Old Stone Mill R 107.00

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