R 159.00
This organic kombucha is another balancing, detoxing medicinal drink from The Cultured Whey. Kombucha’s health-boosting properties start in the gut, where the probiotic drink works to balance intestinal flora and improve digestion. Kombucha also regulates pH levels and helps to detoxify your body. This fermented kombucha is made using organic sugar and black tea. 
  • Raw kombucha vinegar
  • Regulates intestinal flora
  • Promotes better gut health
  • Balances the body’s pH levels
  • Natural antibiotic properties
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Strengthens immunity
  • Contains high levels of B vitamins
  • Source of amino acids & beneficial bacteria
  • High in acetic, lactic, gluconic & glucuronic acids
  • Glucuronic acid content helps to detoxify the body

A note on sugar: The sugar in kombucha an essential ingredient in the fermentation process, and by the end of fermentation, only a trace of the initial sugar is left behind.
Despite its sugar content, kombucha is still healthier than ordinary sugary soft drinks.

The Cultured Whey Kombucha Vinegar 500ml R 159.00

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