R 70.00

2 litres of cold-pressed and Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from the Wereldsgeluk farm near Porterville in the Western Cape.  The cultivar is the FS17, which was established in the pollination of the "Frantoio" variety by the Institute of Olive Culture Research of the CNR of Perugia Italy, and was first planted in 1993 by the Azienda De BelIis in the S. Oronzo contrada of Puglia.  In South Africa this cultivar is grown in the various farms including Wereldsgeluk farm from where we have secured this authentic virgin olive oil. 

Unlike vinegar and wine which improve with age, olive oil is at its best and most flavoursome closest to the date of its production. Unfiltered olive oil means that suspended within the oil are the tiny fragment remains of the olives themselves, which lends even more flavour and authenticity to the oil.
Available in 250ml, 750ml and 2litres.
ODD LOT #46 Cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil (FS17) R 70.00

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