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Vanilla Paste, from Vanilla Man, has a gel-like consistency. This is a convenient product for those not entirely au fait on how to correctly use vanilla pods.  The Vanilla Paste contains vanilla seeds, vanilla extract and glucose.

USAGE: 2 teaspoons vanilla paste = 1 medium vanilla pod

Use with vegetables, e.g. carrots, peas, brussels sprouts or for any sweet dish such as cakes, whipped cream, crème brule, pancakes, ect.  Can also be used as a coating on fish or chicken just before pan frying or grilling.

Store in a cool dry place. Due to the 12 to 14% alcohol content, it is preserved naturally and does not require refrigeration.  The shelf life is two years.

INGREDIENTS: Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Seeds, Mineral Water, Glycerine, Glucose (makes it slightly sweet, and suspends the seeds), Xanthan Gum.

Vanilla Man Vanilla Paste 50ml R 120.00

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