R 150.00
Vegetarian Chicken Slices are made from pure soy protein (NON GMO), small, curved, light yellow, with a characteristic scent of chicken.
– Ingredients:

NON-GMO isolated soy protein, defatted soy flour, vital wheat gluten, corn starch.

– Net weight: 

150 grams

– Direction for use: 

Soak in water to soften the texture, gently squeeze out excess water piece by piece then seasoning to achieve the desired taste.

Can be used as a cooking ingredient for frying, stewing, soup, salad, and BBQ or serve directly as soy jerky and soy steak.

– Store in a cool, dry place, seal a bag after open

  • NON – GMO
Vietnamese Vegan Chicken Slices 150g R 150.00

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