R 164.00

Vinegar Hills produces a wide range of natural and healthy Balsamic Vinegars, some of which are not produced anywhere else in the world.

For the Balsamic Fruit Vinegar production process, the fruit pulp is fermented like a wine, macerated and allowed to mature. The maturation period is necessary to enhance the flavour intensity and aroma, and lasts for a minimum of three years.

The Raspberry Balsamic Vinegars are aged in wooden barrels. Our most mature Balsamic Vinegars are now more than ten years old and have an exquisite taste.  Selected Cape Wines are used to blend in with the flavour of the individual herbs, seeds or flower blossoms.

Fruit-bearing plants such as the raspberry bush and the granadilla vine are propagated and grown on the farm. No insecticides or pesticides are used on the plants or fruit. All fruit are sun-ripened and harvested in a ripe condition, giving the fruit a sweet taste.

Vinegar Hills Infused Vinegars (6 variants) R 164.00

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