If you are looking for manufacturers for genuine Solingen fruit and vegetable knives, what German's call "zöppken", and others call "pittermesser" or "hümmelchen", you have come to the right place!  Since the 1970s, Klever have been producing world-famous kitchen knives made of strip steel (non-corrosive stainless steel) at their production facilities in Solingen, Germany. With pride, they are one of the most successful manufacturers of this well-known knife from the Solingen area. For peeling, preparing, chopping, these indispensable knives are used every day by millions.

SOLINGEN PEELERS (Interchangeable for Left & Right handed people)

Peeling is one of the most frequently occurring tasks in the kitchen. Using a  "conventional" knife is not effective as many have discovered. In order to work quickly, efficiently and resource-friendly, the proper kitchen tools are of special significance. These Klever Solinger peelers are special tools that make peeling fruits and vegetables much easier, and are quicker and simpler to work with.  Super sharp (be careful!). this little kitchen aids peel so thin and effectively that they produce hardly any waste.

R 79.00
R 125.00