"Sousvide" packaging (which means in vacuum) will revolutionize the way you buy and store food. By storing food, in this mode, the life of food is enormously extended, whether they are stored in the pantry, refrigerator or freezer. Air can make foods stale and rancid, can ferment, dry or cause freezer burns. The packaging, in this mode, maintains the freshness and taste of your food for longer.

The technology of MAGIC VAC® vacuum machines as well as the exceptional performance and flexibility of selecting the air-free packaging methods, by extraction, guarantees maximum safety of use thanks to the attention to the absolute non-toxicity of the bag materials, rolls and containers, a security that becomes essential and essential when it comes to food.

The MAGIC VAC® system uses patented technologies that are absolutely Made in Italy and are made with rigorously controlled materials and assembly methods throughout the entire production cycle to ensure maximum quality and reliability.

At The Great Cape, you can buy a selection of MAGIC VAC® machines as well as bags, rolls, containers and accessories of the various ranges.

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