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Magic Vac Jumbo 30 Evo Plus Vacuum Sealing Machine is a professional vacuum Food Sealer for Dry and Wet Foods, Vacuum Meat Sealer, compact vacuum sealer with 13.5-inch vacuum sealer. (SPECIAL ORDER)

    • Ensures leak-free sealing - keep your food fresh longer with the Magic Vac vacuum sealing machine. This air sealing machine provides high vacuum pressure to effectively seal any dry and wet food.
    • Easy Marinate - Unlike normal kitchen sealing machines, our food vacuum sealing machine allows you to marinate food in the bag. Place your meat in the sealing bags for a richer and tastier marinade in minutes.
    • Easy-to-use food packaging machine: This vacuum sealing machine has simple one-touch controls to ensure perfect and positive sealing. It also comes with a 13.5-inch vacuum sealing bar and 0.118-in sealing wire, so you pack more food faster.
    • Elegant and compact design: pack individual or small family-sized portions with our small vacuum sealant. This meat vacuum sealing machine measures 17.32 inches wide x 9.45 inches deep x 4.33 inches high and has a transparent display window to ensure proper placement of the bag. Place your vacuum sealing machine on your worktop.
    • Includes an air sealing machine hose: This commercial vacuum sealing machine comes with an accessory hose to connect vacuum cans, containers, and bricklayer jars. Secure larger items or multiple servings with your vacuum sealant for food packages.

Technical features

Power supply: 240 V ~ 50 Hz
Nominal pump flowrate:
Vacuum Pump Value: 61 cm/Hg -0,80 bar / -11.9 PSI


Included in box:

  • Roll for 30x300 cm bags
  • 5 pre-cut 20x30 cm bags
  • Connection tube for accessories
  • User instructions manual
  • Vacuum storage guide
  • Sealing Bar 3mm
  • “Magic Cutter” bag cutter

Download brochure here: Magic Vac Jumbo 30 Evo Plus Professional Sealer

MagicVac Jumbo 30 EvoPlus Professional Vacuum Sealer / Cryovac Machine [SPECIAL ORDER] R 12,345.00

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