No more single-use plastic waste adding to our landfills and taking hundreds of years to degrade! No more recycling aluminum capsules which produce many toxic chemicals that are released into the air.

No more super-expensive coffee capsules!  Now you can use your favourite coffee brand (or our specially roasted and ground coffee, approved and endorsed by SealPOD) and still have the convenience of making your morning cuppa joe, this time, as strong as you like!

Exciting your palate and protecting your planet, one coffee at a time? It couldn't get any better!

  •     Easy to use. And reuse. And reuse.
  •     Enjoy your favourite coffee brand in a convenient capsule!
  •     Much more economical than buying store bought capsules/pods.
  •     Healthier, more sustainable and easier on the conscience.

Click here to watch a short video:

NCaps = Nespresso Compatible
DGPods = Dolce Gusto Compatible
FEEPod = Caffitaly Compatible

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R 165.00
R 145.00
R 10.00
R 97.00
R 153.00
R 160.00